JADWA Overview

Based in Riyadh, JADWA Technologies was established in 2006 to provide Network Connectivity and IT solutions to government and private sectors. So far, JADWA has implemented more than 100,000 UTP Nodes, optical fibre connectors, and telecom passive and active components .

Since its creation JADWA Technologies has been continuously expanding its portfolio of expertise, based on market evaluation, strategic analysis and consultation with its key stakeholders.

JADWA Technologies identifies the region's vertical market needs and establishes the adequate technical and business competencies.

JADWA Mission & Vision

Our Mission
Connecting people and organizations overall the Kingdome in more innovative, simple, and reliable manners than any other rival in IT Saudi market.

Our vision
Getting a persistent Networking with more affordable, powerful, and simpler connectivity and more available to all Kingdome wide.


Solutions and Excellence
We expect ourselves to over exceed customers expectations.

We stay at the leading edge.

We care about our customers, partners, employees and the communities we do business in .

Our staffs love what they do.

We employ people that want to be in charge.

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